Fungi foraying in the Otways National Park

This winter I’ve been spending my weekends looking for fungi to photograph in the Otways National Park in Victoria, Australia. I’ve long had an interest in fungi, but am by no means an expert and am learning as I go. I have picked a selection of my finds and have made an attempt to identify them. There’s a chance I’m completely wrong about many or all of them, but it was fun to have a go.

Possibly Colostoma fuscum
Possibly Coltricia cinnamomea
A coral fungus (too tricky to identify further based on this photo)
I’m fairly confident this is Cortinarius rotundisporus
I’m fairly confident this is Geastrum triplex (aka Earth Star)
I didn’t have much luck trying to identify this striking specimen but I think it is probably in the genus Hygrocybe (wax caps)
Possibly Laccaria genus
I’m fairly confident this is Leotia lubrica
Possibly Mycena fumosa
Possibly Omphalina genus
Possibly Phaliota malicola
Possibly Podoscypha petalodes
I’m fairly confident this is Podoserpula pusia
I found it difficult to id this striking specimen but think it might belong to genus Hygrocybe (wax caps)
This one was huge. I think it might be Laetiporus portentosus (aka White Punk)
This is obviously a puff ball but I was unable to determine genus or species.
I’m almost fairly certain this is Russula lenkunya
And finally, very possibly Tremella fimbriata, a kind of jelly fungus