Star-Scorched Fingertips

Introducing Star-Scorched Fingertips

Cover of Star-Scorched Fingertips

A carnivorous vine on a planet infected with a human exodus cult, forges psychic connections with Earth, and bestows an unsuspecting group of women with the power to heal or destroy the remnants of humanity.

STAR-SCORCHED FINGERTIPS is an ultimately hopeful, eco-punk adult science fantasy that explores the future of humanity and our obligations to our planet of origin.

If Annihilation and Day of the Triffids met up with The Handmaid’s Tale to traverse space while tripping on mushrooms, STAR-SCORCHED FINGERTIPS would be their queer, rebellious love child.

Brief Description

Centa tends glass wombs for a human exodus cult. Ben, the object of her lust and obsession, forces her to confront the threat of an encroaching carnivorous vine as well as the lies, corruption, and inevitable disintegration of the only home she has ever known.

Meanwhile on an environmentally ravaged future Earth, Pixie is an outcast and a nuisance in a matriarchal community located in a fairy tale theme park. She fights half-heartedly against her fate as a breeder and dreams of fleeing with a travelling sperm purveyor.

When the realities of Centa and Pixie collide, their connection gives them unexpected power over the future of humanity and the planet that created them.

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Pre-order available now for August 15th,2023 release