The Shining Wall Reviews

Review by Rebecca Bowyer of

‘The Shining Wall is told from multiple points of view which are brilliantly written. From the very start of each chapter I knew who I was with as the language varied wonderfully between them.’

Aurealis #122 Review by Clare Rhoden

‘The Shining Wall is completely immersive and believable. It may be a first novel, but Ferguson writes at the height of authorial power, with a stark warning to humankind.’

Review by Andrew of

‘The Shining Wall is an utterly-engaging tale, not simply because it shines a rather uncomfortable light on rampant injustice and economic inequality, societal ills that affect us today but carry on into the future, but because it does so with such insightful, affecting humanity.’

Australian Book Review review by Jacinta Mulders

‘The novel is deftly narrated. There are bold and complementary plotlines and likeable, imperfect characters. The tone is cleverly light and riddled with slang, which sits well against the bleak setting[. . .] Ferguson’s work is entertaining and empathetic. It champions courage and care, even in the midst of inequality and a clearly stacked system.’

Readings Bookshop review by Cindy Morris

‘Ferguson writes rich characters, exploring the complex nuances of privilege, desire and freedom. Their stories are bound to tug your heart-strings and further reveal the complexities of life.’

Cass Moriarty Author review

‘Alida is a kick-arse character who travels these pages with wit and humour, with love and devotion for her sister, loyalty to her friends and an innate sense of survival.’

Newtown Review of Books review by Dasha Maiorova

‘In Melissa Ferguson’s imaginative and original debut, Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal clones inhabit a bleak and desperate dystopia. The Shining Wall questions the nature of humanity and compassion in a world bereft of both.’

Kill Your Darlings review by Ellen Cregan

‘…this is a novel that poses itself to be about origins and secret histories, but is actually about the way one can define and shape their present despite their past.’

Aurealis #119 Review by Damien Lawardorn

‘A triumph of worldbuilding with fiercely feminist overtones, The Shining Wall is guaranteed to resonate with a readership lusting for a fresh, bold voice and perspective.’

Blue Wolf Reviews review by Janet Mawdesley

‘Prescient, maybe, gripping certainly and one story that will have you pondering the very real possibilities of a dystopian world for some considerable time to come.’