Non-book recommendations and Melissa Ferguson on science fiction and writing about the future

I was thrilled to be included in a line-up of amazing Australian authors on one of my favourite podcasts, The First Time , in April 2020

The First Time podcast

This week the hosts give recommendation for thing that they think are great.

Katherine’s are:

Kate’s are:

  • Taking cuttings of plants
  • The Australian Ballet has a digital season!  i.e. you can watch online.  Hard recommendation for Sleeping Beauty
  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram – she’s answering writing questions.  One great answer : Write ONE (no more hour per day.
  • Fires (controlled ones in your backyard)
  • Buying delicious and unusual  things locally rather than going to the big stores.

Then Katherine talks to author Melissa Ferguson.

Some links to things they talk about:

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