Read My Writing

Where to read my writing

Creative Non-Fiction

Sun in Cancer,, February (2013)

The Superwomen’s Club, Mused- BellaOnline Literary Review (2012)

Scraps of  Sleep, Seek It- Writers and Artists do Sleep (2012)

Binocular Parenting, The Mommy Life- by Essays for Hope (2012)

Not Talia, Sounds of Silence- Journeys through miscarriage anthology (2011)

Public Property, Subtext Magazine Issue 4 (2008)

The Other F Word, Subtext Magazine Issue 3 (2007)

Open Letter to First Time Mothers, Extraordinary Women (2007).

Short Stories

Michelangelo’s Veins, Constellations, Vol.3: Life Revisions (2013)

Slight Overbite, The Quotable: Memory (2013)

Sergiane’s Choice, Pavor Nocturnus Dark Fiction Anthology, Vol 1 (2013)

Pacific Paradise Pearl Lotion, Postscripts To Darkness, Issue 2 (2012)

Vampires of London, Tamba, Issue 49 (2011)

Midnight in the Mouse Room, Tamba Issue 47 (2010)

Curious Guy, Windmills, Fourth Edition (2010)

A Two-Toothed Smile, [untitled], Issue 1 (2009)

Senior Stalker, Island 115 Summer (2009)

Best Friends Forever, Beyond Words, The Ada Cambridge Prize for biographical short story writing anthology (2008). Shortlisted for prize.

Psychic Stoned, Page Seventeen Issue 5 (2007). Shortlisted for short story competition.

You can also read some of my work on wattpad


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