Facts about Neandertals

Below are some links to articles about Neanderthals that have informed my writing.

Neanderthals more advanced than previously thought: They innovated, adapted like modern humans, research shows



Talking Neanderthals challenge the origins of speech



Researchers refute idea that Neanderthals drove mammoths over cliff in Jersey



Neanderthals Had Shallow Gene Pool, Study Says


Neanderthals May Not Have Been as Inferior as Suggested


Hot Stew in the Ice Age? Evidence Shows Neanderthals Boiled Food




Cuddly Neanderthals With Parenting Skills


Neanderthals: Facts About Our Extinct Human Relatives


Humans Did Not Wipe Out the Neanderthals, New Research Suggests


Neanderthal home made of mammoth bones discovered in Ukraine


Researchers find evidence that suggests Neanderthals used feathers to adorn themselves


Hyoid bone analysis supports hypothesis of complex language in Neanderthals

New research suggests European Neandertals were almost extinct long before humans showed up


Neanderthals may have faced extinction long before modern humans emerged


Paleo diet didn’t change – the climate did


Fowl play: Neanderthals were first bird eaters (Update)


Study claims cave art made by Neanderthals